We are a small, but mighty full service production house.  From 2-minute viral social media campaign videos to feature length documentaries, from 6 figure budgets to shoe strings, we love to create striking cinematic stories that advance our movements for justice and liberation.


Striking, concept-driven videos, designed to hook your audiences and drive deeper engagement across social media platforms and real-world screenings.  Our social impact videos are generally 1 – 2.5 minutes in length with dynamic text animations, bold motion graphics, and rich social movement imagery.


Clear, concise and compelling footage captured in real-time of the people, places and ideas that shape our communities. Scripted, shot and edited from start to finish with your organization and audiences in mind, with final projects averaging 7-10 minutes of viewing time.


Artful glimpses into the pressing moments of our times with final projects averaging  7-20 minutes of viewing time. Scripting, shooting and editing will be done in collaboration with your team and the greatest care from our crew.


From start to finish we’ll create a feature length documentary that fully bears witness to the human experience while still honouring the nuances of our Movement(s), histories and identities. Feature length documentaries average 60-90 minutes of viewing time and generally require an intensive ~1-2 years of filming and editing to complete a cinema quality film that is ready for festivals and distribution.

Every organization is different, that’s why we offer both stand alone video planning and planning coupled with on-the-ground film production by our crew. If your needs are better met with a road map that your team can execute alone, we’re committed to building the plan with you and being available remotely for practical consultations on bringing it to life.


We’ll work with your team to understand the past, present, and aspirations of your work. Together we’ll craft a multi-month/year customized strategy using film as a practical and proactive platform for power building and manifesting your long term goals.

In collaboration with your team we’ll use information you already have on hand such as your organizational calendar including but not limited to fund-raising and fiscal milestones, campaign cycles etc. looking  6 months plus ahead to build a cohesive videography plan that anticipates and responds to organizational goals and preferences of your audience(s)/community.


Taking your video storytelling capacity to the next level requires a breadth of well-organized multimedia content that you can quickly access when you need it.  We work with groups to develop video media banks on cloud-based file storage platforms like Google Drive where all video assets can be gathered and organized.

Whenever possible we also encourage opportunities for developing shared video media banks with other partners / allies to further amplify our collective storytelling capacity.


Your staff, your leaders, your community- with all the tools and know-how to create beautiful short form films. We’ll assemble a customized, affordable camera bundle that equips staff and organizational leaders with the gear and coaching to meet basic on-going filming needs for direct actions, basic short interviews, and social media content.

We believe that film creation should be a profoundly affirming process that allows us to truly see ourselves and our power.   We work with groups at conferences, gatherings, and retreats to transform filmmaking into a transformative facilitated experience that also produces remarkable content.  

Part story circle, part filmmaking lab – this immersive experience allows us to leverage the collective brilliance and storytelling capacity that is present in any convening and channel that into video content that can be drawn-on for months and years to come.

1. Break free from extractive storytelling and affirm our beauty and power of each of our voices

2. Practice basic camera, lighting, and audio skills in an affirming hands-on filmmaking lab

3. Collaborate with our crew after the convening to transform the content into social impact videos

4. Add all of the raw footage and content that was created to a video media bank for future projects