Web Video Production

Web Video Production services include developing content, recording HD and 4K video and audio, editing video and audio, sharing and distributing the final video and more.


Our approach to web video production is to create a short and engaging message and to distribute the final video through strategic communications channels. We produce web videos using several HD and 4K cameras, professional mics, and Premiere Pro and After Effects editing tools.

Here’s what you can expect from our Web Video Production work:

  • Cleary define the goals and audience of the web video
  • Focus the video on a clear and simple message
  • Draft a basic script and shot list for the video
  • Coordinate the logistics required for the production
  • Shoot the HD video using a 4K Sony A7Rii, and 2 Panasonic 4K and HD mirrorless cameras
  • Record high quality audio using wired shotgun mics and wireless lav mics
  • Select appropriate original or creative commons stock music if needed
  • Edit a “rough cut” of the video and audio in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • Present the rough cut for your feedback
  • Rework the material based on your feedback and produce a “final cut” of the video
  • Strategically share or distribute the final video through target communication channels

– Our rates are a simple $45.00 per hour for all services across the board.