How we work

After working for the last 10 years as consultants and trainers with non-profits and social economy businesses we have an appreciation for the importance of solid planning, clear communication, tight project management, and responsible task follow-though.

Step 1: Free 1-Hour Assessment

Before beginning any work, we complete an assessment to make sure that we have a clear understanding of your goals, audiences, and existing web communications. We want to make sure that the tools and solutions that we recommend and develop are the right fit for your needs before we start building or implementing anything.

Step 2: Clear Proposal and Contract

After the assessment we will send you a clear written proposal and contract that outlines the work to be completed, the timeline for completion, estimated hours and fees.

Step 3: Key Meetings and Benchmarks

In the contract we will identify key benchmarks when important aspects of the work will be completed. We have found that it works best to schedule a meeting for each of these key benchmarks to review progress to date and plan next steps. These key meetings and benchmarks will be laid-out on a calendar ahead of time and may be adjusted as needed.  We also use task tracking applications so that you can follow our work just by the click of a button.

Step 4: Work Completion and Training

When the site is launched, the email newsletter is sent out, the finished video is shared online, etc… When the technical work is complete the next step is to train the people who will be using the communications systems or solutions. We usually do these trainings by video and walk you through all the steps and skills you will need to know to manage the system or solution yourself.

Step 5: Payment

We only bill you after the work is complete, or a mutually agreed benchmark is reached. We recognize that it can be hard to trust a stranger with your important web communications, so we take the risk of doing our work for free. until you have what you need.