Graphic Design for Web and Print

Graphic Design services include designing print publications and outreach materials, designing html email and email newsletter templates, designing graphics for video, and much more.

Our approach to Graphic Design combines original and creative commons stock photography / art work with the creative power of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. This blend of our own custom work and stock images/art creates a unique web or print graphic design product at an affordable price.

Here’s what you can expect from our Graphic Design work:

  • Cleary define the goals and audience of the web or print graphic design product
  • Identify all of the content that will be included in the design work
  • Identify any and all design parameters or guidelines that must be followed
  • Identify logo(s), fonts, and color palettes used in other communications materials
  • Gather original and creative commons stock images/art
  • Produce mock-up(s) of the design and present them for your feedback
  • Rework the initial mock-up(s) based on the feedback received
  • Produce a final web or print graphic design product
  • Support printing, publication or distribution as needed

– Our rates are a simple $45.00 per hour for all services across the board.